Homeschool Room Ideas for the School Year


Homeschool room ideas are top of mind for parents during the pandemic. With the new school year right around the corner, we are all balancing our work lives. Between the school routines and work schedules more challenging times are ahead of us. Whether you are embarking on virtual learning exclusively, or a hybrid model of in-class and home learning, homeschool room ideas are essential to setting ourselves up for success. 

To create the perfect environment, focus on some of the best homeschool room set-up ideas. We’ve compiled the ‘must haves’ you need to keep your children focused and educated during this time. 

Homeschool Room Ideas – 6 Ways to Create the Perfect Academic Space


1. Dedicate a space for learning and learning only 

If you have the room at home, be sure to identify a space that is for learning during the day. Allocate time to mimic the school hours. It will make your child feel like they are actually “going” somewhere. Even if it’s up the stairs or around the corner, a dedicated space can do wonders.

This will also help to give your family some room to breathe, so homework and Zoom classes are not held at the kitchen table.

2. Re-think the lighting in your homeschool environment space 

Natural light is great for two reasons. First, it provides energy as your child navigates through the day. Second, it can support a great viewing environment while your child is on camera with their classmates during live classes. 

If the room does not have access to natural light, have some fun with your kids. For example, consider some string lights found on Amazon. String lights are simple, affordable and a creative way to add some fun in the space. 

Keep in Mind Climate, Color & Comfort

3. Be sure to create a comfortable climate 

As we move from the Summer into the Fall and colder months, be aware of the climate in the home learning space. Areas like home offices above the garage can become particularly cold if it is not well insulated. Consider adding area rugs if the space allows for it. Rugs add comfort and aid in sound absorption too! 

4. Bring a splash of color to your space 

No child wants dull walls surrounding them for hours each day. While you don’t need to paint your walls like a crayon box, it is valuable to have an inspiring homeschool environment. Although pastels and neutral tones continue to be popular as we move through the Fall, consider adding splashes of color in the form of pillows, throws, artwork or even storage bins. 

5. Be sure to have space for a large whiteboard

If your child is a visual learner, they may have a need for a whiteboard area. Most children love to see their work on display. In addition, whiteboards can give a bigger visual of homework assignments.

Bonus – as an ‘in home’ teaching support, you could use this area to surprise your children with a different quote every morning. Here is a great resource for 200 inspirational quotes for kids that cover school, life and success. 

6. Provide options for alternative seating 

We all know that sitting at a desk all day has been linked to health concerns, like obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and more. To avoid such concerns, providing options for alternative seating arrangements is essential. As a result, try yoga/bosu balls for balanced seating, bean bags, and ergonomic chairs. Above all, provide alternatives for your children as they inevitably sit at the computer screen for hours each day. 

homeschooling desk ideas

Desk Set-Up Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Floating desks can take up very little space. Therefore, you don’t need to redesign your entire room around a new desk. Simply, use a wall unit with the ability for a drop-down desk. The feature can be a useful space saver in smaller Boston apartments or homes. Desks with a hutch can also be a great way to display favorite toys or belongings. In conclusion, think simple desks and satisfying visual displays in your room setting.

As we all navigate the new school year, we will inevitably journey along these bumps together. During this time as we create the perfect homeschool environment for our children, remember to practice patience with one another. Be safe and healthy! Contact MDK Designs for more homeschool set up ideas.


Outdoor Living Space Ideas for 2020

outdoor living space ideas

Outdoor living space ideas are on our minds, as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. We are spending hours upon hours with our loved ones. This time spent with our family and close friends has likely encouraged you to dream of outdoor living space ideas. You might be thinking about upcoming renovations or perhaps a new house purchase all together!

While we collectively navigate this landscape, the summer is here. How can we make the most of it given the situation? The heat of the Boston weather means that we are spending more time outside. Therefore, think of your backyard as an at-home Oasis……and that Oasis is needed now more than ever! 

Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your outdoor living space – a backyard Oasis for the Summer of 2020 

1. Create the perfect outdoor movie theatre 

It’s time to get outside, and bring the entertainment with you. For the best outdoor movie experience, here’s all you need…

  • An outdoor screen projector, like this one 
  • A white bedsheet and some clothespins 
  • Snacks! 

Pin the bedsheets to nearby trees. Use tape to place on a flat surface. Place linens on the side of your home so you can quickly and easily take your family movie night outdoors. Be sure to wait until dusk! 

2. Take a staycation in your backyard 

While you might not be getting to the lake or cabin to do some camping and enjoying a family vacation, why not take the tents and s’mores to your backyard?

An extension of the aforementioned movie night could be an actual staycation in your backyard. Get out the tents, grab what you need to make at-home s’mores and enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your very own outdoors. 

3. There is no time like the present to get those landscaping chores done 

If you have a green thumb, this is the time to shine! Consider a trip to your local farmer’s market or garden center to purchase some of the Summer’s most versatile plants. One of our favorites is the Begonia, a summer bedding plant. Begonias are often well loved for their large blooms in a very wide variety of colors. These plants are suitable for beds, borders, hanging baskets and window boxes, and can add some excellent foliage to your garden.

4. Create a wine bar in your backyard 

Outdoor Wine Bar

Many of our clients are blessed to have a wide, open space in their backyard that can serve many purposes. Why not consider utilizing the space for a beautiful wine bar? 

You can either go all-in with a customized solution, or you can envision this as a DIY project. Consider purchasing a portable table and storage cabinet like this one. In addition, you can build a wine bar yourself to complement your outdoor barbecue or outdoor kitchen. It’s a good time to invest in enhancing the backyard. You might even consider an outdoor kitchen since it can serve you and family through the Summer and into the Fall. 

5. If you make one investment this Summer, it will be this. 

Outdoor design

Outdoor fire pits are one of the greatest purchases you can make to breathe life into your backyard. Surrounding yourself with warmth, around a beautiful fire in the evening, brings a sense of ambience to your home. There are impressive fire pits you can purchase online, or you can receive a consultation from MDK Designs to have a great vision of your backyard area. Whatever you decide, consider investing in a fire pit this Summer.

As we all continue to navigate this global pandemic, consider the time spent inside your home as a complement to a greater vision for your outdoor oasis. To learn more, or gain insight from Melanie and her team, click here


5 Home Interior Design Ideas You Can Use

There is no better time to share home interior design ideas while we are all hunkering down. With the practice of social distancing, physical workplaces are closed for an undetermined amount of time. As a result, the unknown can create uncertainty especially, as we become more familiar with the four walls in which we live. 

These four walls don’t need to be restrictive in nature. While spending more time in your home, consider this a unique opportunity to not only enjoy your home, but to think creatively about future home interior design ideas and projects. 

5 Home Interior Design Ideas and questions to ask yourself along the way

1) Rearrange your home office 

home office interior design
MDK Design Associates Home Office


If you typically work in a physical office, you are very likely working from home at this time. You may have an office in your home that was designed to aesthetic and appeal; now is the time to make it super functional. 

Ensure that your office is separated from the house. For example, work is work, and your kitchen is your kitchen. Consider rearranging your furniture for a change in scenery. Be sure to have a visually appropriate backdrop for your video conference calls. 

2) Is now the time to change those wall

You may be looking around at your walls and contemplating whether now is the time to make a change. Color can do wonders to lift your spirit. In fact, the Pantone Color of the Year is classic blue. Hues of blue evoke feelings of peace and tranquility.

Bright Yellow Fabrics

Bright Yellow is a Home Design Trend

Yellow pillows

Adding bright colors with paint and fabrics can play a significant role in how we feel. A soft and subtle yellow can brighten your mood and increase your overall energy. Who doesn’t want a natural boost of momentum during a period of physical distancing? 

kids home design ideas

3) Build forts and have sleepovers with your

While you are working from home, your kids are also studying virtually. As your family stays indoors more than what once was, you’ll need to get creative with how you engage your children. 

Consider building forts from your couch and pillow cushions and have sleepovers with your kids. Grab your flashlights, make some popcorn, and read memorable books from their childhood. Now is the time to be creative with your routines and implement new activities in your home to support your kids

Explore Different Cooking Ideas

kitchen cooking ideas
White Kitchen with Colorful Red Accents

4) Get creative with your cooking 

Many of us are experiencing what it’s like to prepare three meals every day. The average American eats take-out nearly 6 times every week. Creating six additional meals during this time may seem like a great deal of effort! 

There are excellent resources, like Minimalist Baker, who shares recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. This is an excellent option for those who are seeking to add creativity into their meals.

Although many of us are working from home these days, our time is still very limited as we juggle home-schooling, meetings, conference calls, cleaning, exercising etc. Try to plan your meals ahead to help alleviate some pressure of what is for dinner and lunch. Planning your meals ahead will help make healthier eating choices rather than grabbing a bag of chips.

If you have a slow cooker at home, time to bring it out. The slow cooker is a perfect way to prepare delicious home-cooked meals without being glued to the kitchen all day. While you are getting your kitchen utensils ready, it’s a good idea to clean out those kitchen drawers. Organize your kitchen utensils and purchase containers online for storage. It’s a good time to rethink your kitchen tools.

Bring Outdoor Elements Inside Your Home

5) Take advantage of your outdoor space, if it is safe and secluded 

outdoor planter ideas

We’ve written about creating the ideal outdoor space for your home – now is the time to use it! 

If you can, get outside to pick flowers for the indoors, explore your outdoor space with a family picnic, or create a scavenger hunt. Consider how you have traditionally used your backyard in the past. We all can’t wait to spend time with friends and family again. In the meantime, you can pivot to a uniquely different purpose for your outdoor space.  

With the uncertainty ahead, both in terms of physical distancing and other potential measures taken to keep Massachusetts safe and healthy, now is the time to bring creativity into the four walls of your home and beyond.

You are spending a great deal more time with your family and within your space. Consider how you can make the most of this time together, all while planning ahead to implement home interior design ideas and potential outdoor projects such as gardening and getting the planters ready.

Above all, stay safe, stay healthy and stay
connected to your loved ones during this unprecedented time. 


Interior Design Trends for 2020

Kitchen interior design trends


2020 is the year of test and trial, without the tribulation. Throughout the year before us, we’ve seen the soft tones of the Spring emerge in our homes, we have built the outdoor oasis of our dreams in the Summer and we have truly integrated warmth during the Fall months in Boston. This past year taught us that we are poised for “anything goes” in 2020. Styles are evolving. Hence, this blog with a focus on interior design trends for 2020. Individuality is more important than ever. And, perhaps most interesting of them all, custom and crafty pieces are here – and they’re here to stay. 

Interior Design Trends 2020 Shared By MDK Design Associates

1. Be prepared for unique additions to the home 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen incredible interior design trends come through Boston. As the pendulum swings, however, it is clear that personality and unique additions to our homes is a trend that is poised to show itself in 2020. 

This trend of unique additions to your home is not one that is exploring the most crafted and one-of-a-kind pieces. Instead, it is about adding your personality into a Great Room, your personal photos into a home office and your sense of style and sophistication within your four walls. 

Consider what makes you truly happy. Is it memories of your hike to Kilimanjaro that are perfectly encapsulated in a unique frame? Is it wood candelabra that takes a risk within a modern, concrete floor home? 2020 is about this unique blend of personality.

Sustainable Interior Design Trends

2. Eco-friendly is key 

We talk about eco-friendly alternatives and overall sustainability within our daily lives, though have we considered it within our homes

There is an ethical component that we must consider when making purchases. From the addition of plants in a family room, which provide oxygen and filter chemicals, to furniture made from natural materials versus plastic moulding, making simple decisions when creating a room in your home, or undergoing a full renovation, will help to impact eco-friendly sustainability. 

Interior Design Trends 2020 Consider Color, Patterns & Uniqueness

3. Colors are everywhere 

For the last couple of years, we have seen neutrals make a splash through our homes. Pinks, taupes, greys and blues have made their way to the walls of Boston. In 2020, we are seeing these neutrals be replaced by warmer colors – everywhere. From walls and cabinets to tiles and side tables, unique shades are making their way into nearly each and every room of our homes.

4. Patterns on patterns

If you’ve been following our blog for some time, you know how much we love our rugs here at MDK Design. We love the concept of tying in colors and hues on the walls with a beautiful, ornate and patterned rug. Thankfully, we’ll see more of this throughout the year. Upholstered furniture mixed with patterns of various scales will help tie rooms together, both large and small. Contrasting patterns will help to bring in a chic look and feel to a room, tying back to the unique integrations of your personal design preference with a trend in this calendar year. 

5. Speaking of unique, let’s talk velvet for interior design trends this year

We know, we know, velvet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, though it will be wildly popular throughout 2020. Velvet provides a blend of color and comfort, while oozing the sense of luxury. 

Velvet on sofas will be a design option that we will see plenty of in 2020. This trend ties together the vibrancy of varying hues, with the blend of luxury and ultimate comfort. Don’t be afraid to pop some color using velvet as we move through 2020. 

6. Though some of us might be going back to basics 

interior design trends 2020

Approximately 4-5 years ago, we saw the contrast of black and white in our homes. From black and white kitchens, to the starkness of tiles in our powder rooms, these color spectrum opposites made for a true yin and yang in our homes.

With the aforementioned trends we are seeing in 2020 – from unique rugs to eco-friendly solutions – we are also seeing black and white come into play. Think black sofas, white marble countertops, black textiles and onyx prints. Imagine that pop of velvet color in a black and white contrasted room? 

In 2020, black and white is set to make a return. Interior designers and homeowners alike can look forward to this remarkable palette on which we can create our unique canvas. 

2020 is all about you – personalization in your home, unique additions that truly could not be done by anyone else but yourself. This year, consider how you can make your house a home with updates that make an impact on your way of living. 

Melanie Kokoros
Photo in-line: Melanie Kokoros, Owner & Interior Designer at MDK Design Associates featured far left was recently filmed for the television show, Home, Life & Style. Stay tuned for the episode airing this Spring!

Need help redesigning or renovating your home in 2020? Contact Melanie Kokoros at MDK Design Associates for a FREE 1-Hour Design Consultation.


12 Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Since your home is evolving from the comfort of the Fall to the cold of Winter, MDK Design Associates shares 12 ways to decorate for Christmas. Thanksgiving has come and gone. You are most likely preparing for the change of season and more holidays.

Christmas Decoration

Boston is expected to receive a cold, hard winter so we turn our attention to comfort indoors. From candles and throws, to delicate lighting and soft pillows, the confines of our walls are home to a newfound luxury and relaxation. This season, of course, leading to the enjoyment of Christmas.

Transforming your home into the season of Christmas can be a collective effort within your family. 

To help you get started, here are 12 Ways to Decorate for Christmas in Boston.

 1. Bring in a feeling of glitz and glamour 

With plenty of sparkles in our wardrobe during Christmastime, why not integrate the glitz indoors, too? Consider rose golds and pinks on your tree in the form of ornaments, or even pillows. Rose golds have a great way of bringing warmth to your home, in an understated way. 

2. String lights and garland on your staircase 

Aren’t we all dreaming of a White Christmas? We love the idea of weaving lights, garland and even a flash of florals on your staircase. Welcome your guests into your foyer with a splash of holiday cheer. 

3. Throws and pillows, oh my! 

If you’ve been around our blog for a few years, you will know how much we absolutely love the idea of seasonal and festive throws and pillows. From tones to materials, you can truly transform a room with just a few select pieces. 

4. Add some rustic flair 

A cozy home with an assortment of decor can be truly classic. String lights and a mantel with pine needle garland are just two ways you can tie elegance and rustic flair together. 

5. Candles, candles, candles 

As soon as the cool Winter hits, we love bringing out our festive candles. The scents of pine, mixed with soothing cinnamon just scream “Christmas”. Consider a combination of scents, along with tall table candles for your Christmas dinner.  

6. This year is all about neutrals 

festive dinner settings

You don’t need color to dazzle your dinner table for the Holidays. Mixing the aforementioned rose gold along the tones of champagne will go a long way in creating an uber chic environment, while still maintaining a festive home. 

7. Consider changing your fine china for Christmas dinner 

Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Your fine china is used throughout the year for other joyous occasions; perhaps you just cleaned and placed it away from Thanksgiving dinner! This Christmas, consider making the swap for festive assortments of red, white and green dishware. Being festive has never been easier. 

8. Dress your table with holiday flair 

Brass candle holders, a red tablecloth, and a winter floral arrangement are just a few ways to dress your table with Holiday flair. Your guests will feel welcome and excited to celebrate as the food hits the table. 

12 Ways to Decorate for Christmas

9. Bring personal elements into your home 

Christmas stockings are such a great, personal way to make your home feel warm and cozy. You can also lead activities with your kids, like creating DIY wood letters, customizing your stockings, or making ornaments as a family. 

10. Deliver Christmas cards at the seats of your guests 

While many of us send Christmas cards in the mail, consider having them ready for your guests at their seat of the dinner table. It’s not only a personalized way to show gratitude, it will also help to act as a place card! 

11. Use wallpaper as wrapping paper 

We have seen this on great DIY blogs, and we love the idea for Christmas. While it is more expensive than wrapping paper, the thickness and the pattern options are a great way to make your gifts appear fancy – without issues of tearing. 

12. Add some quirk to your home 

You have personality, so let’s show it! Hanging ornaments from your chandelier is an excellent way to add flavor to your home in a unique and meaningful way.

Keep it Creative & Fun When Using Specific Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Whether you are celebrating Christmas with family, friends or both, these are just 12 ways to decorate for Christmas. There are many ways to decorate for the holidays and it takes time and effort. Remember to focus on keeping it creative and fun for everyone! From MDK Designs to you and yours, enjoy the gratitude of the season! 


Fall Interior Design Trends For 2019

Fall interior design trends for 2019 are on the minds of homeowners. Many of us think about pumpkins, pies and the colorful leaves of fall. Home decor and interior design is on your mind especially, if you are planning to host or entertain for the holidays. It’s an exciting time but where did the Summer go?

The weather is turning noticeably cooler so we naturally think about creating warmth in our homes. It’s truly time for Fall and *gasp* looking ahead to Winter in Boston and Greater Boston. Therefore, it’s a great time to get your New England space ready for the upcoming seasons. 

fall interior design trends 2019

MDK Design Associates has been working on interior design projects varying from luxury estates in Weston to Boston penthouse apartments over the last few months. It’s been amazing to see the wide array of home decor trends among our clients’ homes. Melanie Kokoros, Owner & Interior Designer, of MDK Design Associates takes you through the Fall interior design trends that you might consider in your home. These fall interior design trends are easy and cost effective to implement. Transition your home with ease through the upcoming season with these five interior design ideas.

Here are the Fall interior design trends for 2019 

1. Integrate warm colors, like orange and blues 

Through 2019 we have seen the fusion of pastels within homes to create a warm, welcoming feeling. Fall comes with new colors that we are already seeing while out shipping. For instance, warm colors like orange and blue. While these are generally not colors you would see integrated within one another, they bring a feeling of creativity within the home. Consider using these colors of warmth on a feature wall. In addition, you can even use orange and blue colors around a frame with a featured photo you love.

2. It’s all about the texture 

As the weather turns, most of us like to cuddle up with our favorite blanket. It’s the time perfect time of year for sitting beside a wood-burning fire. Cozy up to throw pillows in your living room with a good book. Think about warming up in the evenings alongside of comfortable and soft textured fabrics. You might consider adding throw pillows with velvets, alongside neutral blankets or couch fabrics. Velvets are surely coming into trend as we enter the Fall season. Hence, adding different textures is an excellent way to make a small investment that can make a significant change in the overall look and feel of your room design.

Using a mix of metals is a popular addition to the home in a new season. For example, you can mix chromes with rose golds, and silvers with brass. They can be integrated within your couch legs, to your door handles. 

Add Warm Colors & Organic Materials Into Your Home Decor

3. Fall neutrals are back!

It feels like it has truly been ages since we could bring together creams, vanillas, taupes and chocolates, right? With Fall neutrals come soft, delicate wall colors, throw pillows, furniture highlights and more. As you soften and layer the clothes in your wardrobe similarly, you dress your home through the transitions of the season. Look through your living area, and consider how you can integrate Fall neutrals within your room. 

4. Organic and natural materials are brought indoors 

fall interior design trends

As consumers are looking for organic, natural ways to bring interior design into their home, we are certainly seeing the trend move within the Fall. After all, wood side tables, dining room chairs, dining room tables, bed frames and more can invoke the feeling of both nature and outdoors year round. You can integrate organic and natural materials like wood live edge tables, bamboo woven lamps, and eco friendly materials within areas of your home.

MDK Design Associates is seeing trends with the use of organic and natural materials in both luxury estates and apartment condos. This trend can be integrated across furnishings to home decor accessories. 

Light Colored Floors For Fall

Flooring Ideas

5. A home renovation with flooring 

Much of our trend recommendations focus on simple, cost effective changes you can make in your home, though one of the most significant and impressive ways you can bring in a Fall trend is to update your flooring. 

Light hardwood floors can enhance a large, brighter space and bring in a Scandinavian feel. We have moved through years of dark wood and complimenting furnishings. We are moving into a time where we are seeing lighter, tan and off-white and light gray flooring installations. Now is the time for that home renovation you have been considering! 

If you are considering a Fall renovation, you can work within both small to large scale changes. Whether your budget is conservative, or you are ready to create a sweeping change, MDK Design Associates is prepared for any interior design update or residential or commercial renovation. To learn more, contact us at MDK Design here


7 Ways To Make Your Summer Decor Hot

Summer decor is on our minds with the weather warming up here in Boston. We are dreaming of Summer decor – both indoor and outdoor. While you might be peeking out of your kitchen window and looking into your back patio, envisioning the updates you will make in a few short weeks, we encourage you to consider how your indoor decor will reflect the new season.

Your Summer decor is a reflection of how you approach the season. While some of us enjoy Spring and Fall, the shoulder seasons are filled with opportunity. Summer is when the indoor and outdoor areas of your home can truly shine.

With that in mind, how can you make your Summer decor shine?

Here are 7 ways to make your Summer decor hot, hot, hot!

1.  Incorporate tranquility within your home

Tranquility and Summer go hand in hand, don’t they? The warm Summer evenings with family and friends surrounding your back patio, enjoying every last bit together.

Tranquility can be formed both indoors and outdoors. From a water feature in your home to a concrete fountain or a custom built waterfall, you can accomplish tranquility within any DIY project or budget.

2.  Consider using ocean colors within your home

Bright blues. White tones. Nautical themes. Incorporating ocean colors within your home through throw pillows, blankets, plates, photo frames and more can go a long way. Better yet, be sure to stow these away in the Winter months so you can reuse next Summer!

3. Update your artwork to coastal concepts

Artwork can be difficult to find, though have you considered artwork according to the season?

Updating your artwork to coastal concepts, incorporating Summer themes and colors, can brighten up any room. Consider updating major pieces of artwork within your homes, such as artwork in living areas or bedrooms.

4. Everyone loves a Summer fire pit

We have written about fire pits in previous blog posts, and they are still ever as popular. Fire pits in the Summer can extend your length of time spent outdoors and are especially popular during barbeques and outdoor celebrations.

5. Add fresh towels to your bathroom

While hosting those Summer barbeques for friends and family, consider updating your bathroom with fresh towels. Blues, light greys, foam greens or soft yellows. Amazon has great solutions for interchangeable colors during this season.

6. Update your mantel with beach-themed decor

How about this for a fun Summer project?

Head to the beach with your kids and send them on an adventure challenge – collect shells, sea glass, sand and more. With your newfound goodies, clean the seashells and place your sand and sea glass in multi-size bottles. Position them on your mantel and remember the fun family activity you all participated in as the Summer moves on!

7. Fresh flowers for your interior entrance-way

There is truly nothing like fresh flowers in your home. The placement of fresh florals in a beautiful vase can light up any room. Daisys, dahlias, and lilies are some of the most popular florals for the Summer months and are sure to bring life into your Spring-transitioned home.

Summer in Boston is a beautiful time of the year to be in our historic city, and it can be made even more so when your Summer decor reflects the indoor and outdoor personality of your home. For more great Summer decor ideas, contact our team at MDK Designs here.


5 Home Interior Design Tips for Spring 2019

Home interior design ideas for this spring

Home interior design will be on everyone’s minds over the next few months. While the snow is falling in Massachusetts, and we spend long hours in our homes, we look forward to spring cleaning and redecorating.

While you are staying warm and cozy indoors, we interior designers are anticipating the trends in the upcoming seasons. We are already seeing the Pantone Color of the Year showing itself in accent furniture, feature walls, appliances and more, and while there are similar trends you can adopt in your own home, we are opting for simple interior design recommendations for the spring.

Spring is all about waking your home up, and bringing life after the cold winter months. Adding personal touches to your home during the spring is a wonderful way to prepare for the summer. As such, we are preparing to liven up our own homes with these interior design spring ideas. Try them for yourself!

1. Home interior design spring accessories

As we said, the Pantone Color of the Year is making its way in accessories like tablecloths and feature rugs. Though you certainly do not need to rely on just one color to make a statement. 

Baby blue, fuchsia and white are also making their way into spring. We see this on the runway, which will quickly establish itself into our homes. If you don’t want to set about painting and wallpapering your house, consider accenting the season with accessories.

2. Pastel colors are a big part of home interior design this spring

Spring screams pastel, and these colors are certainly making it onto the walls of our clients this season. Pastel is derived from chalky tones and elicits a soothing, comforting appeal. Use pastel colors in any room, from the bathroom and living area to kitchens and bedrooms.

In the Spring, we recommend going with muted pastel paint colors. They are easily transferable to the Summer season and make a classic splash versus a loud, bold color.

3. Spring home interior design calls for floral arrangements

Flowers, we missed you! During the winter it can be a dreary house without floral arrangements. Without beautiful tulips, daffodils, peonies and more in season, we opt to a more rustic and natural look in the home.

In the spring, our floral arrangements make an impressive appearance. Eagerly we immediately sign-up for flower delivery services and fill our homes with unique vases. Don’t be afraid to go all-in this spring!

4. Diffusers with fresh scents are everywhere in your home 

Diffusers are used year-round, though they are arguably most popular in the springtime. With the winter season nearly behind us, we are lusting for fresh scents in our home. One of the ways we can do this is through a natural diffuser. There are many retailers who offer natural diffuser options and unique oil blends.

When it comes to diffusers and interior design, I recommend finding a product that can blend into your home. This AromaGem from Saje is an example of a small beautiful product that can diffuse up to 450 square feet. It is an excellent addition to your living area, bedroom, or bathroom.

5. Add new photos to your home interior design

While you’re painting your walls a new shade of pastel, why not add new photo frames (and photos) too! Changing photos seasonally is a great way to keep your wall decor looking fresh and exciting. Use the photographs that you took last springtime for the upcoming spring months. Then do the same for summer, fall and winter every year. Not only can you capture the essence of the season but you can also finally use all those photos you have stored in your smartphone. Select your favorite moments captured with your phone and have them printed at your local photo store.

Livening up your home with new feature rugs, updating your wall colors, adding beautiful scents to your rooms and creating memories is a great way to prepare for the season that lies ahead. These are only a few of our interior design trends for the Spring, and we can’t wait to share more with you. Contact Melanie Kokoros at MDK Design Associates for more interior design ideas and plans.


How To Update Your Home for 2019 – No Renovations Needed

How To Update Your Home

With the New Year comes anticipation and thoughts about how to update your home during winter. As we spend a lot of time indoors, we think about both our personal passions and ways to update our home decor. There is anticipation around resolutions set for ourselves, the wonder of what lies ahead in the calendar year and a sense of new visions for our home. As I was watching ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix just the other day, I was thinking about these visions myself; creative ideas and home decor trends for 2019 that can be brought into client homes without buying new stuff. Simple additions can make a big difference.

Here’s how to update your home for 2019 – no renovations needed

You might not have the passion for a full renovation in the middle of winter. Less than sixty days to spring but who’s counting? Warmer spring and summer months offer greater possibilities for full-scale renovations. There are a few things you can do indoors that can make an impact while we are waiting for another New England winter to pass by.

So, I’ve included my tips on how to update your home this year without renovations. New year, new home as I like to call it.

1. Update your fireplace with new tile

Update Your Home Decor

Beautiful, clean tile is continuing to be a trend in 2019. Stone and marble, are popular additions for a fireplace design. We have seen the advent of white backsplash and expect the trend to continue this year. There are plenty of options for such tile. From ceramic mosaic tiles to porcelain alternatives, the opportunity is nearly limitless. Updating your fireplace with new tile is simple but an impactful way to update your home.

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2. Paint your ceiling!

Update Your Home Decor

All you need is paint! Make a splash in the living room with a new color paint or accent wall. Consider a feature room that could use a bit of a lift. Paint can work wonders in most any room.

2019 is all about taking risks, especially in your home. Breaking out of your comfort zone with interior design is something that I am encouraging all of my clients to do this year. If you’re a DIY sort of individual, consider reading this reference guide on how to paint a ceiling. If you would prefer to hire a great painter, contact me for referrals.

I love the ability to work with neutral tones on ceilings so if your living room is in need of a facelift, consider a deep grey or perhaps a midnight blue for an added touch of simple sophistication.

3. A touch of class comes with beautiful molding

Molding and millwork come in a plethora of options. It can be overwhelming to decide what is best for your home. One of the more popular molding types is Crown. Crown molding gives a finished look to any room. It is placed where the walls and ceiling meet.

Crown molding is easily accessible, and can also be installed DIY. Be aware when
installing crown molding and don’t forget – measure twice, cut once!

4. Knobs, anyone?

Update your home with door handles

Door knobs are an excellent way to add some quick and easy updates to any room. Door knobs are easy to find in most home stores and online. I love perusing Etsy to see what sort of great handmade options are on the market, like these copper hexagon knobs.

Don’t forget – unique knobs can be placed on cabinets too! If your kitchen is in need of a lift, for example, give it life with a statement color or material.

5. Consider a minimalist approach

Spring is right around the corner even though it doesn’t feel like it. It might be a good idea to get ahead of your spring cleaning now. There’s no better time like the present, right?

Watching ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix, I was inspired to do my own tidying of sorts. The beauty of cleaning out your home is that you may discover uncovered items you forgot about. Sometimes something old can feel like a new treasure.

Create a sense of calm and simplicity within each and every room. Consider a minimalist approach as a home update for 2019 – it won’t cost anything at all!

I am excited about the year that lies ahead, both for my clients and within my own home, too. For more ideas on how to update your home – no renovations needed please contact me here.


Interior Design Color Trends for 2019

Interior design color trends in living coral

Interior design color trends have a significant impact all around us. Designers from different industries keep a close watch on color trends. Home decor, graphic design, and fashion are all affected by colors. 

Nearly twenty years ago, in 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declared a specific ‘Color of the Year’. This specific color declaration provides a focal point for fashion designers, florists, interior designers, and more, with a palette to guide designs in the upcoming year. While the world of designers wait with bated breath, a secret meeting of representatives get together to decide on the Pantone ‘Color of the Year. Thoughtful consideration and trend analysis goes into process of selecting the best color for the year.

We are excited to announce the new Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ into home designs in 2019. It’s a beauty!

The Pantone Color of 2019 is…

Interior Design Color Trends for 2019

Living Coral has been selected as the Pantone color of 2019. Living Coral is considered a life-affirming shade, as it is an explosive color that pops. Use this color as a staple in your wardrobe and within your home this coming year. 

Selecting a Pantone color is no easy feat; It comes with societal consideration and current trends. In a statement from the Pantone Color Institute, Living Coral is a “reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life”. It has a “humanizing and heartening” connection.

How will Living Coral be used in home design and decor?

The beauty of interior design color trends is that you won’t see it splashed anywhere any everywhere. Your neutrals can still be used with a splash of Living Coral. Your home does not have to be overwhelmed with this singular color. You can use it to enhance beauty and create style in your own way. When it comes to the Pantone ‘Color of the Year’, it is all about minimalism. Here are some ways we will be using Living Coral in 2019.

Interior design color trends for 2019

1. Interior Design Color Trends Impacting Throw Pillows and Blankets

When Spring turns to Summer, we will surely be playing with Living Coral in the form of throw pillows and blankets. Envision outdoor cushions on the back patio and bright blankets draped across your bed or living room sofa.

2. Table Plates and Dinnerware Featuring the Interior Design Color Trends

Gone are the days of requiring perfect, white plating at every meal. Kick your creativity up a notch with items like this Coral dinnerware on Etsy. Many homes have their dinnerware sets on display as a design feature. Alternatively, consider using the vibrant Living Corel color on place settings, table clothes, runners or centerpieces. 

Interior design color trends

3. Kitchen Accessories

Be prepared for an influx of Living Coral accessories for your home. Kitchen color accents will range from dishwashers to KitchenAid stand mixers, like this option from last year’s Ultra Violet Pantone selection. The Pantone selections over the last few years have been bright which has given us the flexibility to integrate playful colors into the home. Kitchen accessories are an excellent way to integrate popular colors into your living areas.

4. Interior Design Color Trends That Play with That Feature Wall

At MDK Designs, we are big fans of feature walls. Especially, accent walls  that can be updated every year. Consider using the Living Coral feature wall in an office or spare bedroom accompanied with the perfect accessories.

Interior design color trends in your home

5. Go All-In on Color Trending Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are an easy way to integrate pops of color into your home. You can find plenty immediately after the Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ is announced. This Velvet Elowen chair on Anthropologie is a lovely option in Living Coral.

We always look forward to using the Pantone ‘Color of the Year’. We are already working Living Coral into our designs for some trendsetting and fashion forward clients. Contact Melanie Kokoros, Interior Designer at MDK Design Associates with questions on how you can use Living Coral in your home.

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