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Home design ideas for Winter may be a top of mind. With the global pandemic impacting our lives in a meaningful way as we enter the Winter, we continue to spend more time in our homes. We’ve shared our recommendations for outdoor living space ideas for 2020, and as we move into the cold months of the year, an indoor space that creates warmth and beauty is key.

You may have been spending more time in the kitchen, office or living area throughout this year. Have ideas and concepts to renovate your space? Whether big or small, MDK Design Associates has compiled home design ideas to prepare your home for the season ahead. Remember, getting your home ready to be warm and cozy doesn’t need to come with a significant price tag.

Here are our 8 home design ideas to get ready for the Winter season

1. Prepare with a basic declutter

There is truly nothing better than a declutter of your home! Start with the master bedroom and move to other areas of your home. Declutter all surfaces, objects and items that you no longer need or use. Not only will this help to enhance the over well-being of your home, it can also help to free your mind of clutter. It’s also an opportunity to donate clothes you are no longer wearing anymore.

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2. Consider your Winter lighting

The nights are getting darker, and as such your interior lighting needs to compliment the exterior. You may invest in smart lighting in order to adjust the tones of your home. There is a wide variety of smart bulbs available on Amazon, which can be adjusted depending on your unique needs.

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3. Consider re-arranging furniture as needed

If you have spent a great deal of time in a room over the last number of months, you may have considered rearranging the furniture. Perhaps the television could be placed on a wall, with room created below, or maybe a side chair could be relocated elsewhere.

4. Invest in fresh florals every week

Just because it is the Winter doesn’t mean that fresh flowers aren’t available in Boston. Surrounding yourselves with plants will not only improve air quality, it has also been said to decrease stress levels. It is important to connect with nature in any way that we can.

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5. Place scented candles around your home

As we approach the Hanukkah and Christmas season, we can already smell the scent of cinnamon and frankincense in the air. Placing scented candles around your home will leave a lasting impression.

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6. Place new throws on your couch and bed

Incorporating soft furnishings into spaces will create a warm and cozy atmosphere for your home. From silky throws to comfortable blankets, these are the home comforts we truly need right now – and they can be ordered online.

7. Re-consider where your home office is placed

Keep your work area separate from your bedroom. It is important to have a dedicated space at home to promote productivity. A very clean and comfortable environment will not only foster productivity, it will also help with overall focus.

8. Invest in a home gym

You may already have your dream gym envisioned, or perhaps you have one that needs re-arrangement. Investing in your physical fitness during this global pandemic will help to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Be mindful of nourishing and supporting your body over the Winter. You may want to consult with an interior designer like MDK Design Associates in creating the perfect home gym – just contact Melanie at MDK here.

As we move into the Winter, you will most certainly be spending more time in your home with your family and loved ones. Preparing your home to be cozy during these months will go a long way in your preparation for the long Winter ahead.

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