outdoor living space ideas

Outdoor living space ideas are on our minds, as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. We are spending hours upon hours with our loved ones. This time spent with our family and close friends has likely encouraged you to dream of outdoor living space ideas. You might be thinking about upcoming renovations or perhaps a new house purchase all together!

While we collectively navigate this landscape, the summer is here. How can we make the most of it given the situation? The heat of the Boston weather means that we are spending more time outside. Therefore, think of your backyard as an at-home Oasis……and that Oasis is needed now more than ever!

Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your outdoor living space – a backyard Oasis for the Summer of 2020

1. Create the perfect outdoor movie theatre

It’s time to get outside, and bring the entertainment with you. For the best outdoor movie experience, here’s all you need…

      • A white bedsheet and some clothespins

      • Snacks!

    Pin the bedsheets to nearby trees. Use tape to place on a flat surface. Place linens on the side of your home so you can quickly and easily take your family movie night outdoors. Be sure to wait until dusk!

    2. Take a staycation in your backyard

    While you might not be getting to the lake or cabin to do some camping and enjoying a family vacation, why not take the tents and s’mores to your backyard?

    An extension of the aforementioned movie night could be an actual staycation in your backyard. Get out the tents, grab what you need to make at-home s’mores and enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your very own outdoors.

    3. There is no time like the present to get those landscaping chores done

    If you have a green thumb, this is the time to shine! Consider a trip to your local farmer’s market or garden center to purchase some of the Summer’s most versatile plants. One of our favorites is the Begonia, a summer bedding plant. Begonias are often well loved for their large blooms in a very wide variety of colors. These plants are suitable for beds, borders, hanging baskets and window boxes, and can add some excellent foliage to your garden.

    Outdoor Wine Bar

    4. Create a wine bar in your backyard

    Many of our clients are blessed to have a wide, open space in their backyard that can serve many purposes. Why not consider utilizing the space for a beautiful wine bar?

    You can either go all-in with a customized solution, or you can envision this as a DIY project. Consider purchasing a portable table and storage cabinet like this one. In addition, you can build a wine bar yourself to complement your outdoor barbecue or outdoor kitchen. It’s a good time to invest in enhancing the backyard. You might even consider an outdoor kitchen since it can serve you and family through the Summer and into the Fall.

    Outdoor design

    5. If you make one investment this Summer, it will be this.

    Outdoor fire pits are one of the greatest purchases you can make to breathe life into your backyard. Surrounding yourself with warmth, around a beautiful fire in the evening, brings a sense of ambience to your home. There are impressive fire pits you can purchase online, or you can receive a consultation from MDK Designs to have a great vision of your backyard area. Whatever you decide, consider investing in a fire pit this Summer.

    As we all continue to navigate this global pandemic, consider the time spent inside your home as a complement to a greater vision for your outdoor oasis. To learn more, or gain insight from Melanie and her team, click here.