Homeschool room ideas are top of mind for parents during the pandemic. With the new school year right around the corner, we are all balancing our work lives. Between the school routines and work schedules more challenging times are ahead of us. Whether you are embarking on virtual learning exclusively, or a hybrid model of in-class and home learning, homeschool room ideas are essential to setting ourselves up for success. 

To create the perfect environment, focus on some of the best homeschool room set-up ideas. We’ve compiled the ‘must haves’ you need to keep your children focused and educated during this time. 

Homeschool Room Ideas – 6 Ways to Create the Perfect Academic Space


1. Dedicate a space for learning and learning only 

If you have the room at home, be sure to identify a space that is for learning during the day. Allocate time to mimic the school hours. It will make your child feel like they are actually “going” somewhere. Even if it’s up the stairs or around the corner, a dedicated space can do wonders.

This will also help to give your family some room to breathe, so homework and Zoom classes are not held at the kitchen table.

2. Re-think the lighting in your homeschool environment space 

Natural light is great for two reasons. First, it provides energy as your child navigates through the day. Second, it can support a great viewing environment while your child is on camera with their classmates during live classes. 

If the room does not have access to natural light, have some fun with your kids. For example, consider some string lights found on Amazon. String lights are simple, affordable and a creative way to add some fun in the space. 

Keep in Mind Climate, Color & Comfort

3. Be sure to create a comfortable climate 

As we move from the Summer into the Fall and colder months, be aware of the climate in the home learning space. Areas like home offices above the garage can become particularly cold if it is not well insulated. Consider adding area rugs if the space allows for it. Rugs add comfort and aid in sound absorption too! 

4. Bring a splash of color to your space 

No child wants dull walls surrounding them for hours each day. While you don’t need to paint your walls like a crayon box, it is valuable to have an inspiring homeschool environment. Although pastels and neutral tones continue to be popular as we move through the Fall, consider adding splashes of color in the form of pillows, throws, artwork or even storage bins. 

5. Be sure to have space for a large whiteboard

If your child is a visual learner, they may have a need for a whiteboard area. Most children love to see their work on display. In addition, whiteboards can give a bigger visual of homework assignments.

Bonus – as an ‘in home’ teaching support, you could use this area to surprise your children with a different quote every morning. Here is a great resource for 200 inspirational quotes for kids that cover school, life and success. 

6. Provide options for alternative seating 

We all know that sitting at a desk all day has been linked to health concerns, like obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and more. To avoid such concerns, providing options for alternative seating arrangements is essential. As a result, try yoga/bosu balls for balanced seating, bean bags, and ergonomic chairs. Above all, provide alternatives for your children as they inevitably sit at the computer screen for hours each day. 

homeschooling desk ideas

Desk Set-Up Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Floating desks can take up very little space. Therefore, you don’t need to redesign your entire room around a new desk. Simply, use a wall unit with the ability for a drop-down desk. The feature can be a useful space saver in smaller Boston apartments or homes. Desks with a hutch can also be a great way to display favorite toys or belongings. In conclusion, think simple desks and satisfying visual displays in your room setting.

As we all navigate the new school year, we will inevitably journey along these bumps together. During this time as we create the perfect homeschool environment for our children, remember to practice patience with one another. Be safe and healthy! Contact MDK Designs for more homeschool set up ideas.

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