4 Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we’re getting so excited about all of the potential your home has to offer for decor and DIY opportunities for the Holidays. From table settings to floral arrangements, we encourage you and your family to work together and prepare your home for celebration during this joyous time of the year.

To prepare for Thanksgiving, below are 4 decor ideas you can work on now as a family to prepare your home.

Create a message board

Consider this unique idea as your guests arrive. Image source: www.midwestliving.com

This is one of our favorite additions to a home during Thanksgiving. As family or guests arrive for your delicious dinner, have them write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf or note and pin it to a board or frame you have constructed. Get creative and cut paper leaves from old books or scrapbooks. We encourage you to find a safe place in your home and store this away for the year, and re-visit your notes the following year. Have your words of thanks changed, or have they remained the same?

DIY Centerpieces

Get creative with your centerpieces. We love using dried floral and pine cones to bring the outdoors, inside. For accompanying table additions, use re-purposed candle-holders and display small pumpkins. You can find such candle-holders at the antique store or thrift store, and spray paint with an acrylic color to align with your table items and achieve a unified look.

Rustic Candles

We love rustic candles. For an easy, handmade candle holder, we love the look of hot-glued ears of dried Indian corn around a candle, with wrapped twine around the base. You can display this candle on your dining room table, side table or kitchen counter. Exchange the Indian corn for pine cones, if this is an easier addition.

Fall Leaf Wreathes

There is no better welcome than that of a gorgeous, fall-inspired wreath on your door. Welcome guests with an easy-to-make leaf wreath by using items you can find in your very backyard. Using small scissors (be safe!), cut slits in the centers of fresh leaves or pliable dried ones from a crafts store. String the leaves onto a wire wreath form until it is full.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


6 Easy Ways to Enhance Any Room

With the Fall nearly in full swing, we’re already dreaming of what’s ahead for 2016. Although there are plenty of trends to bring into your home now, sometimes you simply don’t have the time for an entire home makeover.

That’s why we’ve compiled 6 easy ways you can enhance any room as we enter the new year.

Are you ready to implement these tips and tricks in your home?

1. Think accessories (bookshelves are our favorite).

Reading is an essential part of the lives of many of our clients, so we often recommend this feature for small, but meaningful home improvements. Think about accessories, such as bookshelves, that can be added to any room. If you’re updating your living room, consider placing a comfortable reading chair to accompany this area. Not only will your room showcase your fascination, it is also a great conversation starter.

2. Fresh coats of paint.

If you have a handy arm, updating feature walls – or even your entire room – can be done with simply your time and energy. We love fresh coats of paint to go along with the seasons, as long as you’re sticking with similar palettes. For example, if your room currently features a grey or blue tone, stay in the same color palette. Your furniture and accessories will thank you.

3. Pops of style and trend.

We like to think of living areas as wardrobes. You can fill it with new colors and accessories each and every season (within reason). For this upcoming season, identify a few patterns of colors that make your room look inviting and exuberant. For example, consider integrating some animal prints in your pillows or throws, or add a metallic side table in place of your current, traditional feature.

4. Wall quotes that have meaning.

Depending on the room, we love wall quotes. Especially in a home office, wall quotes truly showcase your personality. Keep yourself and your guests inspired when they walk into your home.

5. Add a piece of art.

In a perfect world, your home should look as spacious as possible – but we’re not all blessed with large foyers and high ceilings. To help make a small room feel large, you’ll want to include something that draws the eyes upward. That’s where art comes in. The placement of a unique piece of art can create a dynamic look that balances your room and scale. Remember – it doesn’t have to be large. It simply needs to pull your colors, textures and patterns together.

6. Shop for a new rug.

For a room with hardwood throughout, adding a new rug can work wonders to update a room. Just like we recommend with paint colors, remember that your rug should stay within similar color palettes as this will help avoid adding any other changes to your room. Consider shopping for a vintage rug at your local antique shop.

Remember – updating your home for the New Year doesn’t need to be costly. With simple tips and tricks for small changes you can make now, your home can feel fresh and new for 2016.