​7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner. With the Panthers and Broncos set to battle in San Francisco, and last year’s average audience drawing 114.4 million viewers, there are sure to be parties on just about every block in your town.

If you’re hosting this year’s Super Bowl 50, is your home prepared for kickoff? From beverage tags to table decor, there are so many ways your home can become festive in no time.

We’ve put together ​7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Super Bowl. Read on.

1. Creative Coasters

Image courtesy of RealSimple.com

We love the idea of bringing the turf inside your home. Head to your local hardware store and pick-up a small amount of turf or faux grass. Cut your turf into small circles (it’s easier than you think) and place them on various side tables. It’s a unique, creative touch.

2. Create a French Fry Bar (Yum)

When you’re not in a bar, you can bring your favorite sports bar snack home. For a DIY project, wash and cut potatoes into wedges or small french fry strips. Sprinkle some oil and place them in the oven, so you can create your very own, home made french fries. For an additional kick, you can also pick-up sweet potatoes or yams and create sweet potato french fries. To truly re-create the bar feel, serve them with a variety of toppings like spicy aioli or home made ketchup. Voila.

3. Food Wraps

Making an easy, eat-with-your-hands Super Bowl meal? Bring your meal planning to the next level with downloadable wraps. We love this downloadable PDF here. All you need to do is print and place around your sandwiches or wraps. It’s easy.

4. Create Your Own Concession Stand

You can turn an ordinary food table into a “Concession Stand” in as easy as 1, 2, 3. Use  artificial grass as a table cover, and add an easy DIY printable banner. Create treat bags filled with your favorite stadium food – like popcorn, pretzels and mini-donuts.

5. Decorative Beverage Tags

Need inspiration for beverage tags?

Everyone needs beverage tags; to ensure your beverages aren’t placed in the wrong hands, it’s important to leave markers and tags around your home. For this event, head to your local craft store and pick-up ribbon, green, white and brown paper products. Cut small circles and one oval. See our photo to the left for inspiration.

6. Party Games, Anyone?

If your guests haven’t participated in a football pool this year, have each guest predict the winner’s final score. Playing is simple – write each guess on a tag and tie it to his or her beer stein or glass (remember the tags we created above?) Whoever ends up closest to the correct score wins.

7. Half-Time Entertainment

If you’re not a fan of the half-time show (or simply don’t want to sit through commercials) create your very own half-time entertainment. Grab a Polaroid and some fun props – like footballs, pom poms and even a megaphone. Encourage your guests to take their photos home and even share on social media.

Whether you are hosting 5 close friends, or perhaps your home is filled to the brim with neighbors, we are sure this Super Bowl 50 will be outstanding. Turn your home into a festive party to remember!


10 Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

We’re well into the month of December, and it’s time to switch focus on decorating for the Holiday Season. You’ve successfully hosted your family and friends for Thanksgiving (high five!) and your loved ones are now looking to you for advice on your decorating tips for December.

Are you ready to give them answers? 

Thankfully, we’ve put together our top 10 decorating tips for the Holiday Season, so you can prepare your home with everything it needs to celebrate December. We’ve selected DIY, easy-to-create decor ideas so you can prepare your home in a flash.

1. Fill your own ornament.

Head to your local craft store and pick-up a few glass ornaments. These ornaments are ready to be filled with just about anything you
can think of – feathers, confetti, tiny pine cones, tree needles, and glitter work well. If you’re feeling more ambitious and have some time to prepare, create a miniature piece of paper-cut art using a template (and some careful work with a craft knife) and pop it inside for a beautiful winter effect.

2. Wood slice place cards

If you’re hosting a large dinner for the Holidays, you might want to use place cards to identify all of your guests – especially if not everyone is familiar with one another. We love the idea of wood place cards. Creating these are easy. Head to your local decor store to grab the number of wooden blocks for place settings you’ll need – or, if you have access to a fallen large branch in your back yard and can chop the branch into small pieces, you can create your own wood chips. Next spray paint your chips in gold, silver or white. Once dried, use a black marker to write the names of your guests on the wood chip. Voila!

3. Give your home some front door flair

It’s easy! Let visitors jingle all the way into your home. Find some big silver bells and festive ribbon at your local decor store and tie them together. The more ribbon, the better. Attach this to 3 or 4 doors in your home.

4. Traditional wreath – with a twist.

We love traditional wreaths, but we love them even more when they feature a modern twist. With a bit of spray paint, you can transform a wreath into something befitting a winter wonderland. Grab a can of spray paint from your local decor store in frosted white, silver or gold, and spray away.

5. DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are oh so popular with children, but why can’t you use them for the adults in your family, too? Count down the days until December 25 with little paper envelopes, ideally sized to hold all sorts of surprises: from candy and tickets to tiny toys and little notes. We love the idea of using rubber stamps to ink the dates on the envelopes. You can also embellish these by adding tags, string and clip art. Then, simply pin the envelopes on a pretty corkboard to complete the look.

6. Pinecone ornaments

The easiest DIY, but one of the most appealing, are pinecone ornaments. If you have access to a backyard or park with pinecones that have dropped over the last week, grab a 5-10 and bring them home. Ensure they’ve dried, and spray-paint white, silver or cold on the pinecones. They really pop against evergreen boughs.

7. Festive centerpiece

We love the idea of festive centerpieces, and this one is easy. If you have access to an extra long tree limb in your backyard or park (make sure it’s already fallen!) bring this into your home. It’s entirely up to you if you spray paint the limb – we think the centerpiece looks great either way. Next, knot lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of a number of hooks. You’ve immediately made your table feel more quaint and intimate.

9. Festive flair on your stems

Can you tell we love ribbon? For this DIY, use leftover ribbon to tie around the stems of your Champagne flutes or wineglasses before dinner and during cocktail hour for an extra bit of festivity. The best part about this DIY project is that  by choosing a different color for every glass, you will help guests keep track of their drinks. It’s a win/win.

10. Wood Slice Ornaments

Still have some wood slices left from your place cards? Consider using these as ornaments. All you need to do is paint a simple design (a tree or star) or word (noel or joy) on the wood with white craft paint, and drill a hole for hanging. This addition gives your tree a rustic, yet sophisticated look.

With these 10 DIY decor ideas, we’re certain you’ll be ready for the Holiday Season. After spending time with family and friends, and partaking in a meal to celebrate the Holidays, your home will shine with such beautiful, festive decor.

Images: CountryLiving.com, Houzz and RealSimple.com

Fall Into These Decorating Trends for 2015

As the Summer draws to a close and the weather becomes cooler, our evenings are spent more and more frequently indoors instead of on our back patios. Although we’re certainly going to miss the long Summer nights, we’re excited about Fall and the interior design possibilities that are ahead.

After all, with new seasons come new trends – and we’ve identified our top 5 favorite trends for Fall 2015.

1. Mixed Metals

In the Fall, you’ll see the mixing of warm metals (think coppers, golds) with cool metals (think silvers). Matching of metals and colors are so gone this season. Instead, dream big. Mixing of metals can be used in any room of your home, from accessories in your living area to lamp stands in your master bedroom.

2. Graphic Tiles

Much like taking risks with your mixed metals, graphic tiles will be seen in everything from commercial to home spaces. Combine graphic design with interior design to give you the perfect balance of urban chic and sophistication that your home needs.

3. Neutral Wall Colors

Although there will be plenty of risk with metals and tiles, wall colors will be moving back to neutral for the Fall. Consider playing with the palette of your home office and select a color that will be the perfect backdrop for your furnishings. Fresh shades of light gray color tones, beige, black and white will be on-trend for the remainder of 2015.

4. Let’s Go Retro

We said take risks, right? Going retro will combine the perfect rustic, yet modern style that is comfortable and oozes class. Dream about black and white geometrical prints, chalk boards and contemporary prints.

5. Vintage Romantic

Much like neutral wall colors, we’re loving the vintage romantic trends in interior design right now – and this will come full force in the Fall. Integrate soft pink and hues in your linens, candle holders, throws and pillows.

With these five key trends ahead for the Fall, we’re excited about interior design updates and changes. Remember: you don’t need to have a large budget to update your home this season. Contact us for more great, inspiring ideas.

Image Source: Remodelista