2018 Interior Design Trends

2018 Interior Design Trends

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MDK shares 2018 Interior Design Trends when it comes to color, color combinations and palettes to elevate the look of your space. A few years ago, gold and rose were everywhere and everything – from jewelry such as watches and earrings, to your home’s interior like lighting and furniture finishes. These beautiful metallics were a premium, and we loved incorporating gold and rose everywhere we could (tastefully, of course). Yet, the trend seemed to go away for a few years, disappearing just slightly, and opting instead for more earthy tones of metallics, unique pastels and more. Fast-forward to present day, 2018 interior design trends have once again incorporated gold and rose, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s back! And it has been revitalized for what is sure to be an impressive re-introduction.


These colors are making their mark during this calendar year – here’s why gold and rose have returned within 2018 interior design trends.

Because they can be used anywhere.

These metallics can be used for lamps, desks, tables wall decal and more. It’s so versatile, and can even be mixed and matched between palettes. Choosing such a palette that has two finishes, such as gold and silver, or rose and copper, can bring a unique element and combination to any room that is truly yours. Try experimenting in your kitchen, living area, hallway or bathroom areas this year.

Because a little goes a long, long way.

It’s important to ensure that gold and rose aren’t overkill in your home. A little goes a long way, so be sure to use select pieces and integrations instead of placing in too many places or within too many rooms. Gold and rose should be an added element to your home or select rooms, not the focal point of every turn and corner that your guests make.

Because we love how these colors and mixed metals can transform a kitchen, especially.

One of our favorite areas to use gold and rose is in the kitchen. Kitchens can be very unique spaces; renovations can be expensive, and a great deal of work. Yet, by adding color to areas such as your overhead lamps within your kitchen, or as simple as your cupboard handles, you can really revamp your space.

We love the “pop” that these mixed metals make in modern or urban chic kitchens. Take a look at your kitchen now and consider how you could make small, yet impactful transformations.

Our suggestion – try combining gold and rose with bright colors in 2018.

2018 Interior Design Trends

Image: Decordomino.com

In previous years, the trend for these colors were to use them as a stand-alone focus within rooms. 2018 interior design trends are all about combination. Mix these metals tastefully with bright colors, such as blues or purples, but be sure to not mix with color palettes such as pastels.  Combinations are key, though tasteful combinations are essential.

Will you use gold and rose within your home this year? We’re excited about how these beautiful metals will find their place in your home. To learn more about how you can transform your home with ease this year, contact MDK Design here.