10 Trends for Interior Design in 2016

Mixed Metals - Interior Design

With 2016 nearly upon us (can you believe it?) we’re starting to look ahead at design trends for the New Year. From color palettes to accent decor, 2016 promises to be a greater, more eclectic year in Interior Design.

Are you ready? 

Below are 10 trends we’re excited to see in 2016.

1. Sustainable Design

Sustainable design will be an everlasting trend for urban home owners. As consumers and designers explore different materials with greener, more sustainable solutions, we will truly begin to see this in all areas of the home. Think recycled plastics, wood and more.

2. Mixing Metals

We’ve referenced this in our Fall trends, and we’ll see the trend continue to 2016. The matching of metals and colors are so gone this season. Instead, think differently. Metals can be used in any room of your home, from accessories in your living area to lamp stands in your master bedroom.

3. Create Nostalgia

The color palette for 2016 will be all about creating nostalgia. With tranquility in mind, think about industrial, minimalistic colors such as grey, silvers and blues. Combined with soft textures and rich palettes, create nostalgia using stimulating colors this year.

4. Animal Accents

Either on print, pillows or rugs, dream about animal accents. Zebra print, leopard print and more will make your accents filled with personality.

5. Combining Designs

Much like mixing of metals, combining designs will be all the rage in 2016. Think about mixing modern and rustic designs, such as a rustic bathroom vanity with modern tile.

6. Freestanding or Vintage Tubs

We love the urban, chic look and feel, and this couldn’t be more true than in freestanding or vintage tubs. Should you have the room in your master bathroom, these tubs create the look and feel that any character home desires.

7. Natural Floors

If you’re thinking about updating your flooring this year, think about natural flooring. Driftwood, pine, or planks with traditional knots. Combine with elegant furnishings and home accessories.

8. Oversized Furniture

The Great Room will be of great focus in 2016. We’re dreaming of oversized sectionals, furnishings and lighting. As we enter the cold winter months of 2016, cozy and oversized furnishings will have all the focus.

9. Appliances

Much like sustainability, kitchens are all about the latest and greatest appliances. From fridges to stovetops, we’re focused on the most cutting edge appliances and accessories for the year.

10. Quartz Stone

Quartz stone and countertops are still the highlight of 2016. Why? Because there’s little to no maintenance. These surfaces bring true elegance to your dream kitchen or bathroom, and we see little sign of this trend slowing down.

We are so excited about the trends ahead for 2016 and we’d love to tell you more. Are you looking for home renovations or updates in the New Year? Let’s talk.

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Fall Into These Decorating Trends for 2015

As the Summer draws to a close and the weather becomes cooler, our evenings are spent more and more frequently indoors instead of on our back patios. Although we’re certainly going to miss the long Summer nights, we’re excited about Fall and the interior design possibilities that are ahead.

After all, with new seasons come new trends – and we’ve identified our top 5 favorite trends for Fall 2015.

1. Mixed Metals

In the Fall, you’ll see the mixing of warm metals (think coppers, golds) with cool metals (think silvers). Matching of metals and colors are so gone this season. Instead, dream big. Mixing of metals can be used in any room of your home, from accessories in your living area to lamp stands in your master bedroom.

2. Graphic Tiles

Much like taking risks with your mixed metals, graphic tiles will be seen in everything from commercial to home spaces. Combine graphic design with interior design to give you the perfect balance of urban chic and sophistication that your home needs.

3. Neutral Wall Colors

Although there will be plenty of risk with metals and tiles, wall colors will be moving back to neutral for the Fall. Consider playing with the palette of your home office and select a color that will be the perfect backdrop for your furnishings. Fresh shades of light gray color tones, beige, black and white will be on-trend for the remainder of 2015.

4. Let’s Go Retro

We said take risks, right? Going retro will combine the perfect rustic, yet modern style that is comfortable and oozes class. Dream about black and white geometrical prints, chalk boards and contemporary prints.

5. Vintage Romantic

Much like neutral wall colors, we’re loving the vintage romantic trends in interior design right now – and this will come full force in the Fall. Integrate soft pink and hues in your linens, candle holders, throws and pillows.

With these five key trends ahead for the Fall, we’re excited about interior design updates and changes. Remember: you don’t need to have a large budget to update your home this season. Contact us for more great, inspiring ideas.

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5 Tips to Decorate Dorms and College Apartments

With the Summer drawing to a close and September getting closer, it’s time to start thinking about dorms and college apartments. 

The best part? It’s time to start thinking about decorating for dorms and college apartments.

Whether you are going back to school or your children are moving out of the home, below are 5 tips to decorate for the school season.

1. Determine where to shop (and when!)

Where to shop (and when) can make all the difference. Will you be designing a modern dorm room with functional furnishings, or will you opt for a vintage chic look and feel?

And what about the ‘when’? 

Shopping one week before school begins will be a recipe for disaster. Think ahead and plan an entire day with your child – just make sure your shopping is done in August.

2. Have a set budget.

This is perhaps the most important. To avoid going over budget and into the red, ensure you have a set budget before you begin shopping.

We recommend having a budget for furnishings and a budget for school supplies, and breaking each one down with must-haves and nice-to-haves, so you can add and remove items as necessary.

3. Be aware of your space.

Dorm rooms can be small (remember college life?)

Ensure you have your square footage on-hand as you shop, so you purchase appropriately-sized furnishings.

Apartment-style furniture is often the best. Think small couches and side tables.

4. Have a plan for what you will do with your child’s room once they leave

We know – this one can be difficult. Once your child leaves, you can experience a sort of empty-nest syndrome (especially if the new college-dweller is your last child to leave your family home). To avoid emotional decision-making, have a plan developed now.

For example, you can choose to turn your child’s room into a new office or second bedroom, or you can keep it as-is for when your son or daughter returns home for the Summer.

Whatever the case, make sure you have a plan before your young one leaves your home doors.

5. Flying or driving?

Keep this in mind as you purchase your furnishings – will you be flying or will you be driving?

If you will be flying, keep in mind of that budget as your travel costs will be sure to increase. If you will be driving, ensure your recently purchased items will fit in your vehicle for transportation.

As you embark on your purchases for dorms and college apartments, remember the moment and the experience you have with your child. This is a whole new adventure in your life, and one that we encourage you to embrace.


Top 5 Decor Trends for 2015

Now that we are in the second half of 2015, it’s time to look at the top decor trends of this year. With palettes and materials, lighting fixtures and furniture settings, this year has truly given us much to choose from so far. Interior design trends 2015

What are the top 5 favorite decor trends for 2015 here at MDK Designs? Find out below.

1. The Artisan Look

This has weaved itself into many areas of your home. The Artisan look, such as antique side tables, cracked outdoor furnishings and gold frames, has started to become a fixture within homes. We predict that this will replace your urban chic furnishings. Think of your black mirror frame being replaced by a smoked, textured feel.

2. Personal Embellishments

Personal touches to your home will be more important than ever in the next half of 2015. With small embellishments on furniture, such as stripes and french knots, or highlighting your room with metallics such as silvers and gold, the details will be key. With any piece of furniture, in particular, be sure to think about various ways you can truly make it your own.

3. Prepare for Fall Colors

F672CBDC0FWe know, we know – we’re all enjoying this warm, Summer weather and cannot even begin to imagine the crisp air coming our way, but it is never too early to start thinking about the Fall. Our prediction for Fall colors? Greys and blues – and lots of them. We are thinking nantucket and pewter grey with indigo navy and cobalt blue. Blues and greys  are strong foundation colors and can be mixed with many other colors like yellows, ambers and reds that will be beautiful accents and highlights. Grey and blue will be very prevalent in everything from wall colors to accent furnishings.

4. Low-Maintenance Materials

This is music to every home owner’s ears. Low-maintenance materials will be front and center in the Fall and Winter of 2015. Think synthetic stone, such as cambria, or flooring in porcelain and bamboo. Easy to maintain and beautiful in all seasons, these materials will be seen everywhere.

5. Geometric Linear Shapes

You will see geometric patterns in your backsplash, throw pillows, drapery and rugs. Geometric and  linear shapes are great in design because the add depth and an abstract element. It is a very easy way to incorporate artistry and patterns in your decor. Don’t be afraid to use these in different areas of your home – walls, floors bedding and much more.

As the second half of 2015 of upon us, we are truly excited at the interior design trends of the next two seasons. How will you update your home for Fall and Winter 2015 trends?

How To Improve the Curb Appeal of your Home

Exterior Curb Appeal of a Home
We always say that beauty is not everything; it’s on the inside, that counts. After all, the interior should always exceed that of the exterior in every way, right?

We’re diverting ever so slightly from this notion with home design, and it comes down to one reason – curb appeal.

When selling your home or even having guests arrive for a dinner party, the exterior is the ultimate first impression. From a well-manicured lawn to the color of your home, from the stone on your driveway to the hedges outlining your property, the curb appeal of your home really is everything.

So how can you ensure your home has the curb appeal it needs for resale or those dinner parties?

Ensure your home has an updated paint color.

Your home color ultimately depends on the style of your home – traditional, modern or urban, perhaps? Although the color of your home is dependant on your style and overall taste, it is important to keep the quality updated. One of the worst mistakes you can make during the selling process is to not have your home’s exterior well-kept. Should you see chips on the siding of your home or discolor after weather and time, it is important to invest in a refresh of the exterior.

Invest your time in landscaping.

Investing in landscaping does not have to be a monetary investment; in fact, we encourage you to get outside and have fun with your lawn and garden yourself! From ensuring your lawn is freshly cut to removing weeds from your flower bed, investing time in landscaping will go a long way to the overall look of your home. Should you need to hire a landscaping company, we advise you read reviews and do your due diligence before having a business arrive on your property.

Keep exterior material clean and updated.

From stone on your back deck to the material on your driveway, ensure your exterior material is both clean and updated. This means pressure-washing yearly, removing the grit and grime accumulated from the weather, and replacing any material that requires updating. Much like investing time in landscaping, make sure you are investing time and resources in the materials around your home. Pressure-washing yearly can go a long way to long-term protecting and support of your exterior materials.

The curb appeal of your home is second-to-none in terms of importance and a first impression. How would you rate the curb appeal of your home? Tweet us.


Happy 4th of July!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.59.51 PM
With the 4th of July upon us, we are looking forward to hosting family and friends for a beautiful barbeque and celebration of our country. This day is not only a time to get your loved ones together, it is also a time to decorate your home and exterior in a way that truly reflects your unique design style and trends.

If you are hosting this year’s 4th of July celebration and your home is not quite ready for friends and family to arrive, below are some quick and easy ways you can prepare yourself for this wonderful day.

Tables and Decor

The 4th of July is a time to infuse tradition in your home. Forget the ideal color schemes and palettes; this day is all about red, white and blue. Integrate blue table runners with soft white plating and accessories, or bring together red and white outdoor candles with your traditional, dark wood table and chairs. And remember – no 4th of July celebration would be complete without our flags waving proudly at each table placement. Consider placing your flag accessories in a mason jar surrounded by your accompanying cutlery.

Games to Play

With family and friends in your home, it is important to remember that children and adults alike enjoy games to play on beautiful, sunny days. Consider bringing out the bocce set for outdoor fun, or place checkerboards around your back yard.

Take Home Gifts

If you often go the extra mile, it is worthwhile considering small take home gifts as an added surprise for your guests. Remember – these do not have to be large in scale. Visit your local grocery store and collect red, white and blue jellybeans and wrap these in cellophane. Or, gift your guests with our flags and a small red, white or blue candle. A small gift can go a long way in creating an impression on your guests.

Most of all, we wish you a safe, fun and celebratory 4th of July. May you truly celebrate with your loved ones and take part in all that this Holiday has to offer.


Using Lucite Material for your Home

The transparent trend of lucite material has returned to the interior design industry and it’s quickly taking us by storm. With a deeply rooted history, lucite’s light reflective surface is now making its way into the modern, chic home once again.

So how did lucite material begin? 

This material is often associated with Hollywood Regency glamor. It was commercially available in 1937 and was used in a variety of designs and applications. Fast forward to 2015, and this material has made a comeback as a versatile and beloved material for home interiors. Adding an element of splendor in just about any home, lucite has certainly not lost the Hollywood Glam it originated in.

What was it originally used for? 

We mentioned that lucite was used for a variety of purposes, and it’s true – this material was used in everything from military applications on submarines and airplanes to women’s jewellery and handbags. In the modern world, there was really no limitations to its use.

So what about interior design?

Lucite is a popular choice and an alternative to glass because the material is very strong, light and durable. In many projects, lucite is actually the preferred materials because it is shatter resistant and can be carved and dyed in a variety of colors. In addition, lucite is able to reflect light in such a way that it keeps it on the material’s surface. As such, it is perfect as an edgy piece to a classic, modern room, providing visual energy to the interior. Lucite can turn a traditional space into something marvelous, modern and amazing, as it has the ability to break up the visual weight of items such as wooden tables. Lucite made a comeback in the 60’s thanks to Modern Interior Design and was used in light fixtures, accessories and furniture. By 2002 Philippe Starck introduced the now infamous Ghost Chair and that was the beginning.

We love integrating lucite into the classic and modern home. Just remember: you shouldn’t use traditional glass cleaner on the material; instead, search for an acrylic cleaner.

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Lighting Options for your Bathroom

We’ve all been there. You walk into a new home or hotel and you enter the bathroom,
only to find that the lighting is dim and dark, or light and fluorescent. It is nowhere near perfect,
and you’re unsure how your make-up or outfit will look in natural lighting.

With this in mind, how can you properly light your bathroom to ensure yourself –
and all visitors – never step foot in a poorly lit room in your home again?

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.29.17 PMLighting Options 
With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine the lighting that suits your home best. First and foremost, you should ensure that light sources are placed so that your light emanates from above, below, and both sides of the mirror. This technique is called cross-lighting, which is used with the purpose of eliminating shadows. It eliminates shadowing in your bathroom, allowing you to have a proper view of not only your bathroom accessories, but your makeup and hair as you’re getting ready to start the day.

To ensure energy efficiency, we recommend exploring LED lighting options. With a long lifespan that uses approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights, this option provides an excellent source of lighting with a feel-good efficiency. LED can also achieve the same amount of lumens while using a smaller light source.

Electric Mirror
A recommended option to explore are electric mirrors. With the ability to provide light while de-cluttering your room, electric mirrors provide forward lighting for excellent visibility. This is a great option as they come in many sizes including customizable and as a medicine cabinets for more storage. It creates a very clean space where de cluttering is key.

TV Mirrors
Have we mentioned we love lighting? TV mirrors are a great addition to the modern, sophisticated bathroom. With an appealing feature that is sure to impress any guest in your home, TV mirrors provide an urban addition to your bathroom, while also providing lighting. You can place them in all wet areas including showers, above your bathtub or integrated into your mirror.

Lighting Control 
Of the utmost importance is lighting control. To ensure your lighting is appropriate for any time of the day, control of your these features is integral to your bathroom’s atmosphere. We recommend exploring dimmers or occupancy sensors, adding a sophisticated element to your home.

From lighting and bulb options to control of your bathroom, we want to ensure that the next time you walk into your bathroom, you feel comfortable and proud of the home you have created.

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Interior Design – An Exhilarating Adventure At MDK Designs

Melanie Kokoros, MDK Designs

Melanie D. Kokoros

Melanie D. Kokoros, Interior Designer

When I first started MDK Designs in 2003, I had no idea how fulfilling and exhilarating this business would be. Creating spaces that are intimate in nature, functional, beautiful and balanced has been a dream come true. Meeting and working with so many wonderful clients, while transforming their homes and businesses, has been more than I could have ever imagined.

As excited as I was to begin this adventure back in 2003, I am even more excited to introduce the next transformation of MDK Designs in the form of my brand new website and Image.

Through this new website, I want to give you a look into my world of interior design and decoration. With a new digital design, I am very excited to launch new and innovative ideas online for my clients and readers in the Wellesley, MA , Weston, MA, Boston, MA and surrounding areas.

What can you expect from this new look and design?

  • Weekly blogs with the latest trends in design and decor
  • Tips and tricks to improve your interior space
  • Design inspirations
  • Client features and visual transformation

I encourage you to read my blog regularly and visit my Twitter and Facebook page to share your thoughts and feedback. Additionally, if you love what you see, contact me to talk about transforming your space. I am so very passionate about interior design and the work I do with my clients. I can’t wait to share new ideas and innovative spaces with you as you begin your very own transformation.

~ Melanie Kokoros


Top 6 Trends for Spring


Can you believe it’s already Spring? With interior design ideas brewing around-the-clock, we’re so excited to dive into some incredible trends for Spring 2015. From pastels to geometric shapes – and everything in between – below are our Top 6 Trends for Spring 2015.

1. Pastels. We really couldn’t be more excited about this one. For Spring 2015, there is a move toward cooler, and softer hues that sku on the cooler sidel. With understated brights and pastels, think nature and neutrals – two things that suit any home. Pastel colors brighten and illuminate your home. This inspiration is surely coming from the runway and right into interior design.

2. Accent Pieces. Accent pieces are the perfect way to bring a pop of color and interest to your home. From a mohair throw and silk wall fabric to a geographic rug pattern and stacked leather containers , accent pieces add style, texture and color to your living areas. Don’t be afraid to browse around for unique pieces that will bring character and reflect your personality.

3. Quirky Stripes and Graphics. Why stick to the straight and narrow when it comes to your home? After all, your abode is an extension of your personal style. Bold colors, patterns and unconventional graphics are not only for the runway…bringing them into your home is an amazing way to incorporate a variety of effects and a tailored look that is fashion forward.

4. Sculptures. Much like unique accent pieces, sculptures will be making their way into homes. Acting as an addition to both walls and shelves, sculptures are the perfect mix of traditional and modern, fused into one. Sculptures are more exciting than the traditional vase and compliment any space.

5. Eclectic Wall Ornaments. The days of keeping square frames grouped with square frames and circular images grouped exclusively together are gone (and that’s a great thing). Expect to see an assortment of eclectic wall ornaments with multi-faceted frames and color palettes.

6. Vintage Prints. We love vintage prints at any time of the year, but these elements really pop in the Spring. Integrate these with your modern-chic interior or or find that perfect print and frame to hang in your master bedroom, living room or hallways. Have some fun with the search!

Who’s ready for the Spring? We certainly are. With ideas brewing in our notebooks and compiling palettes around-the-clock, we couldn’t be more excited to see what Spring has to offer for interior design.

Ready to chat more? Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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