5 Boston Interior Design Trends This Summer

With the first days of Summer behind us, we’re so excited about some great Boston interior design trends expected over the next few months. 2016 kicked off with a great Spring, and we’re sure that the Summer will be even better. After all, who doesn’t love to spend long evenings on a back patio that has just been completely transformed for warm weather and friends gathering together?

We’re working on some exciting Summer projects right now, and we’ve gathered our favorite trends along the way. These include the best of the best Boston interior design trends (shh – some of them are secrets!) that we know are sure to heat up the Summer.

Check out our best Boston Interior Design Trends below.

1. Use bold, playful colors.

boston interior design trendsThis Summer, it’s all about bold and playful colors. We’re talking cobalt blue and bright yellow hues. Use these dynamic colors for home offices or spare bedrooms; ideally, small rooms that allow you to relax and play with the color. These colors are certainly not meant to be long-term, so they’re ideal to create a statement for a season or two before the Winter and Spring palettes are released.

2. Nautical mirrors.

Where would Summer be without a little sea inspiration? With large nautical mirrors, it’s the ideal way to bring in light and reflection to your home. We love the idea of having a traditional porthole shape or using nautical rope to hang a metal framed round mirror. This trend goes far beyond beach style, instead bringing a voyage look and feel to any room.

3. Include a citrus splash where you can.

Think throws and pillows, and then think citrus. Refreshing, right? Infuse some Summer delight with the brightness of citrus – from sunny yellows to lime greens, tangy oranges to sky blues, it’s important to find something that will energize your space. Select small items, as they can certainly go a long way with this color palette.

4. “Granny” patterns (aka: vintage florals). boston interior design trends

Remember the wall paper that was so proudly on display in your Grandma’s house? How about the knitted throws that would elegantly dress the sofa, or the patterns that were on her lamp shades? These “Granny” patterns might have been old school, but don’t fret – they’re actually making a comeback. They’re huge this Summer, and make for some easy design ideas this season.

5. Blush pink and copper = yes.

With the warm Summer evenings, patios quickly become an additional room in the summer – often a room that we spend a ton of time in as the weather turns. When you’re ready to spend more time outdoors, consider changing your furniture and color choices to pale pink and copper. These colors are so flattering for any backyard or patio, as it’s elegant and chic – especially in Boston.

Can you tell we’re excited about the Summer ahead? We can’t wait for those long evenings on the patio with “Granny” patterns, bright hues and blush pink furniture and accessories. Our clients and getting ready for the season with these Boston interior design trends – and we hope you will, too!

Images courtesy decorilla.com.

6 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Memorial Day

decorate your home for memorial day

We’re sure you’re already thinking about how to decorate your home for Memorial Day. After all, it’s a long weekend (yay!) and the opportunities are literally endless to dress your home in red, white and blue.

Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, commemorates all men and women who have passed in military service for the United States. It is an opportunity to remember loved ones who fought for our country. As Interior Designers, we naturally think – why wouldn’t we remember our heroes than with a wonderfully decorated home and get-together with friends and family?

If you are hosting your friends and family for Memorial Day, we have our tips and tricks to decorate your home.

6 Tips to Decorate Your Home for Memorial Day

Create a cozy outdoor environment.

On a long weekend, especially Memorial Day, your friends and family want nothing more than to relax in the outdoors. Consider highlighting your fire pit or purchasing a small outdoor fire prior to the weekend. It’s a small investment that you certainly will not regret.

Check out some fire pits online here.

Set your table with red, white and blue.

After all, that’s the whole point of Memorial Day, right?

We’ve seen some gorgeous centerpeices at local craft stores, but we also recommend getting crafty and doing some DIY. Grab an outdoor-friendly candle and spray paint (ensure it’s anti-flammable and safe for candles), and place red, white and blue candles throughout your backyard.

While you’re at your local craft store, pick-up some red and blue table napkins, and consider tying them with rustic twine.

Decorate Your Home for Memorial DayReady to invest in outdoor furniture? Now is the time.

The outdoors have long been cherished as an area to relax and re-charge, and now is the time to invest in new outdoor furniture if it has been on your to-do list for some time. 2016 is all about the natural appeal of Rattan and Wicker, which is something that we absolutely love. You can make Rattan and Wicker look so elegant with added pillows, and these materials are truly stronger and more durable than ever.

The verdict is on on place settings for the outdoors.

If you don’t want to inundate your outdoors with our country’s colors, stripes are a hot trend for the outdoors this year. Play it up in a vintage inspired table setting and make your outdoors feel more rustic than ever. Consider a mid-day alfresco lunch with your friends and family, and use durable-but-stylish melamine plates. It’s all about functionality and design in Summer 2016.

Decorate Your Home for Memorial Day

Focus on your desserts (and the accompanying trays).

We love desserts. For better or worse, there’s something about a sweet cupcake or pie after a BBQ dinner. Don’t you agree?

While you are thinking about how to decorate your home for Memorial Day, consider making your accompanying dessert trays and accessories very patriotic. We love this example from Martha Stewart. She used the cutest raspberries to top her cupcakes and found small flags to add to her cake holder. It’s a great addition, and the little ones in your home will love it.

Ready to clean that garden?

2016 trends for the outdoors are all about being subtle, and that extends to your garden. Before your friends and family arrive on Memorial Day, ensure your garden is clean and organized. Don’t fret about planting anything new. In 2016, we’re all about keeping things simple. Before the weekend, take some time to organize your front and backyard gardens.

As you decorate your home for Memorial Day, remember what the long weekend is about. As we commemorate our lost heroes, we hope you can celebrate and reflect on our freedom and country.


8 Interior Design Tips For Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we’re totally focused on interior design tips for Mom here at MDK Designs. While Mom’s can be the most difficult to shop for (after all, who could be more selective – and have better taste – than they do?) we’re convinced that your Mom would absolutely love interior design tips and ideas from the heart for Mother’s Day.

To celebrate Mother’s Day and help you impress your own Mom with a fabulous and thoughtful gift from the heart, we’ve put together 8 interior design tips for Mom.

Interior Design Tips for Mom

1. Give Mom an Interior Designer for the day

Many Interior Designers offer consultations. Though these consultations you can learn so much about current trends and tips to make your home feel like your own personal oasis. If your Mom has been dreaming of updating her kitchen or giving the backyard patio a facelift, consider giving Mom an Interior Designer for the day.

You can contact me here to get started.

2. Organize that mud room

Mom’s love when homes are organized – and so do we. For Mother’s Day, consider organizing the mud room that needs attention, or perhaps the master bedroom that requires a deep carpet clean. Nothing is better than being surprised with a clean home.

3. Purchase the duvet she’s been dreaming of

interior design tips for momTrends for 2016 in the bedroom point to textures and patterns, and interior design tips for Mom point to needing a new duvet! If she’s been dreaming about updating her bedroom or guest room, consider purchasing a brand new duvet. New duvets can completely change a room without requiring a large investment. This duvet from CB2 is one of our favorites.

4. Invest in some great knives, perfect for display in a kitchen

Everyone loves to display their new knife set, and it’s even better when it comes in a stunning display. This set from Wusthof, for example, is an eight piece deluxe box set that is finished in a dark cherry wood knife block. It’s the perfect addition to a kitchen, an even more impressive gift from a family member, and one of our favorite interior design tips for Mom.

5. Book a house cleaner

This is a luxury that most of us take for granted; however, consider booking a house cleaner for your Mom. Although we’re certain she loves the way she cleans and organizes her own home, there is a great feel knowing that you simply don’t need to worry about cleaning your own home for one week.

6. Consider landscaping for her backyard 

From cutting the grass to planning the new vegetable garden she’s been dreaming of, consider landscaping gifts for her backyard. If she loves to garden herself, consider spending the day with her and greasing your elbows to give her some assistance. Two sets of hands are always better than one in the garden.interior design tips for mom

7. Bring the outdoors inside

Bringing your herbs and vegetables fresh from your garden is so trend-worthy in 2016. We love the idea of having your own vegetable garden, and we especially love this idea to keep your herbs contained and fresh in the kitchen. This herb keeper is just one example of bringing the outdoors inside, but it’s one that we love for Mom’s.

8. Update the living room with throw pillows

Throw pillows can make some major updates to your living room for a very minimal investment. The best thing about throw pillows is that they can be changed on a whim. Consider purchasing a few different options for your Mom so she can update her living room when she wants, as she wants.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all of our Mom’s, we wish you a very happy and celebratory Mother’s Day! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to your families, and certainly hope your loved ones have spoiled you with these interior design tips for Mom.


Interior Design Pattern Tips for Your Home

Interior design patterns play a significant role in transforming the look of your home. For example, when designing a floor plan for your new home build there are so many things to consider. From the kitchen to the mud room, to deciding where your gorgeous new chandelier will be placed, the interior design pattern decisions are endless. These decisions are both big and small, but all will have significant impacts on the end result of your home.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the best practices you need to know as you work with an interior designer to plan your home. If you want to get a head start, we’ve put together our top 5 tips you need to know for the interior design pattern of your home.

Interior Design Pattern Tips

1. Place the mud room near the front entry interior design pattern

We recommend placing the front room near the front entry. In this case, it will be accessible to many of your house guests, as well as your family. To make this decision, think about the style of your house and the surrounding rooms. Determine if they are traditional or contemporary. You will want to ensure that the mudroom reflects the style of your home, The reason why we recommend placing the mud room near the front entry is because you’ll want to drop coats, umbrellas and bags in this area, making it easily accessible near the front room for the interior design pattern.

2. Give Vastu a try for your kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra, the interior design pattern system of architecture, which literally translates to “science of architecture”, the kitchen is the most effected area of the house for energies. This part of house is to be situated on its corresponding place i.e. South-east governed by element Fire. The kitchen is the important part of home and is the primary contributing factor in general health and well-being of occupants.

Related: Interior Design Trends for the Spring

3. Listen to feng shui for your master bedroom

Because you want a good energy foundation for your bedroom, which is meant to be the most peaceful and nourishing energy, it is best to locate your bedroom above an area with peaceful or balanced activity. The best location is in the back of the house where it is more or less ‘hidden’ from the main energy traffic.

4. Place the main floor bathroom between the entrance hall and kitchen interior design pattern

One of the questions we are often asked is, “where do I place the main floor bathroom?” and our recommendation is always between the entrance hall and kitchen. Why? For many reasons, but mostly because you do not want your guests to wander through various rooms to get to your bathroom. During dinner parties, and for simple layouts, it’s far easier to place your bathroom in an easily located area of your home.

5. Ensure your living room has two outside walls.

In feng shui, the living room should be located in the part of your home that has at least two outside walls. You should avoid having the living room nestled deep insight your home, and instead place this room in an area that will allow energy to enter the room from the outside. The placement ensures fresh and clean energy for your home. It’s not just the location of the room that you want to consider, but also how you place the furniture in that room and also what type of furniture you get. So if you want to have a nice and inviting living room then you should get something like this gloss TV unit white to make the room feel more welcoming.

There are so many “rules” for room placement and the interior design pattern in your home, but we ultimately want to ensure that you enjoy the layout of your home and design a living area that is functional for you. From layout beliefs like feng shui to simple practicality, ensure that your home is practical for your family.



7 Spring Interior Designs Trends You Need to Watch For Now

With Spring upon us and the weather starting to turn for the better, what better way to celebrate sunshine than with a quick Spring Interior Design refresh in the home? Now is the ideal time to clear out anything you’re no longer in love with (or even really like) and give your interior decor a refresh. To help start this process, we’ve gathered the latest home trends that you should be prepared for in the Spring. Below are the 7 Spring trends you need to watch for now.

1. Black and white decor black-white-decor

Minimalism is totally in for Interior Design Trends in Spring 2016, and so is black and white decor. Although color palettes were all the rage last Spring – especially palettes with pastel features – this has been replaced with black and white. In fact, black and white decor has increased 40 percent since last year on Pinterest.

2. Minimalism is in

Minimalism is here, and it’s here to stay for 2016 Spring Interior Design Trends. From kitchen decor to living room furniture, and even master bathrooms, opt for minimalist, yet functional.

3. Marble accents

We haven’t seen marble for a long, long time, but it’s back for the 2016 Interior Design Spring trends. It was huge at the NY NOW showcase, but don’t worry – it won’t break the bank. This Spring trend is all about the small touches of marble, such as clocks, coasters, additions for your side table and even candleholders. Think minimalistic, remember?

4. Light, fresh flooring

Though dark, fresh hardwood was in for 2015, light and fresh flooring just screams 2016 Interior  Design’Spring’ trend. We’re seeing plenty of sophisticated gray hardwood flooring – and don’t be afraid to pair this with wooden wall art or even an accompanying wood dining table.

5. Black stainless steel appliances

black-stainless-steelTo accompany the light and fresh flooring, we’re loving the Interior Design trend of black stainless steel appliances. Houzz even predicts that this is the Interior Design trend of the future, and we’re excited to see it kick off in Spring.

6. Statement bathroom mirrors

Although a plain, rectangular mirror will absolutely get the job done (it’s functional, we get it), we believe this will be the year of the statement mirrors, especially in bathrooms. Look for unique mirrors with vintage frames, or even smart mirrors with LED lighting.

7. Country kitchens

While 2015 was the year of vintage, Spring of 2016 will be the season of the country kitchen. Modern and rustic farmhouse kitchens are all the rage, especially on Pinterest.


From black and white decor to country kitchens, from statement mirrors to light and fresh flooring, there will be plenty of 2016 Spring Interior Design trends that any home will love.

Have questions about these trends? Contact us here.


​7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner. With the Panthers and Broncos set to battle in San Francisco, and last year’s average audience drawing 114.4 million viewers, there are sure to be parties on just about every block in your town.

If you’re hosting this year’s Super Bowl 50, is your home prepared for kickoff? From beverage tags to table decor, there are so many ways your home can become festive in no time.

We’ve put together ​7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Super Bowl. Read on.

1. Creative Coasters

Image courtesy of RealSimple.com

We love the idea of bringing the turf inside your home. Head to your local hardware store and pick-up a small amount of turf or faux grass. Cut your turf into small circles (it’s easier than you think) and place them on various side tables. It’s a unique, creative touch.

2. Create a French Fry Bar (Yum)

When you’re not in a bar, you can bring your favorite sports bar snack home. For a DIY project, wash and cut potatoes into wedges or small french fry strips. Sprinkle some oil and place them in the oven, so you can create your very own, home made french fries. For an additional kick, you can also pick-up sweet potatoes or yams and create sweet potato french fries. To truly re-create the bar feel, serve them with a variety of toppings like spicy aioli or home made ketchup. Voila.

3. Food Wraps

Making an easy, eat-with-your-hands Super Bowl meal? Bring your meal planning to the next level with downloadable wraps. We love this downloadable PDF here. All you need to do is print and place around your sandwiches or wraps. It’s easy.

4. Create Your Own Concession Stand

You can turn an ordinary food table into a “Concession Stand” in as easy as 1, 2, 3. Use  artificial grass as a table cover, and add an easy DIY printable banner. Create treat bags filled with your favorite stadium food – like popcorn, pretzels and mini-donuts.

5. Decorative Beverage Tags

Need inspiration for beverage tags?

Everyone needs beverage tags; to ensure your beverages aren’t placed in the wrong hands, it’s important to leave markers and tags around your home. For this event, head to your local craft store and pick-up ribbon, green, white and brown paper products. Cut small circles and one oval. See our photo to the left for inspiration.

6. Party Games, Anyone?

If your guests haven’t participated in a football pool this year, have each guest predict the winner’s final score. Playing is simple – write each guess on a tag and tie it to his or her beer stein or glass (remember the tags we created above?) Whoever ends up closest to the correct score wins.

7. Half-Time Entertainment

If you’re not a fan of the half-time show (or simply don’t want to sit through commercials) create your very own half-time entertainment. Grab a Polaroid and some fun props – like footballs, pom poms and even a megaphone. Encourage your guests to take their photos home and even share on social media.

Whether you are hosting 5 close friends, or perhaps your home is filled to the brim with neighbors, we are sure this Super Bowl 50 will be outstanding. Turn your home into a festive party to remember!


5 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for your Host

Can you believe it? The Holidays are nearly here, and – if you’re like the majority of shoppers – you’re scrambling to put together last-minute Holiday gift ideas.

If you’re lucky enough to be hosted by friends or family for your Holiday dinner, you might also be scrambling to find last-minute gift ideas for the Host in your life.

Why not show your Host just how appreciative you are of their efforts with a thoughtful, personalized gift? Even if you’re shopping last-minute, there are so many options to choose from. We’ve even pulled together our favorite last minute gift ideas below.

1. Personal Cutting Boards

It’s true – you can purchase cutting boards from nearly ever home and interior design storefront you walk into, but why not find something personal for your host? We love these cutting boards from AHeirloom, but you can find some simple additions at your local craft store, too.

(If you’re thinking ahead next time, you can get these AHeirloom cutting boards personalized with a monogram, date, or short phrase. How about a New Year gift?)

2. Guest Towels

Everyone loves new guest towels – and the best part is that you can always find colors and accents to match. Even if you’ve never stepped food into your Host’s home, select your towels from a neutral color palette. Guest towels can add glitz and glamour to even the smallest and darkest spots, like the bathroom.

3. Unique Candles

Everyone loves candles, right? Unique and quirky candles are popping up everywhere. Take Coal and Canary, for example. A small business out of Winnipeg, Canada, they were featured and included in the GRAMMY Award Gift Bags for 2015. If they’re good enough for celebrities, quirky candles will be just perfect for your Host. Grab a few unique candles from your local craft store, or order online before your Holiday dinner.

4. Creative Coasters

A sophisticated set of coasters will be the perfect accompaniment with your presence at your Holiday dinner. There are some fabulous options that you can purchase both online and at your local stores. This set from Etsy is to die for;  made from unique and sturdy materials, this option would look sleek, classy and modern on any table. You can find alternatives (and similar options) at a local Anthropologie or interior decor brick and mortar location for last-minute pick-up.

5. Wine Decanters

You can never have enough decanters, right? When it comes to wine decanters, the more unique – the better. We love wine decanters that can help tell a story, or even begin a conversation. Having an item that can sit on your table with a lively, off-kilter attitude is the perfect addition to any dinner party – and a Host gift that will always be remembered.

Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of Holidays this year! Whether you are celebrating with friends or enjoying quality time with family, we hope you enjoy the time ahead.


10 Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

We’re well into the month of December, and it’s time to switch focus on decorating for the Holiday Season. You’ve successfully hosted your family and friends for Thanksgiving (high five!) and your loved ones are now looking to you for advice on your decorating tips for December.

Are you ready to give them answers? 

Thankfully, we’ve put together our top 10 decorating tips for the Holiday Season, so you can prepare your home with everything it needs to celebrate December. We’ve selected DIY, easy-to-create decor ideas so you can prepare your home in a flash.

1. Fill your own ornament.

Head to your local craft store and pick-up a few glass ornaments. These ornaments are ready to be filled with just about anything you
can think of – feathers, confetti, tiny pine cones, tree needles, and glitter work well. If you’re feeling more ambitious and have some time to prepare, create a miniature piece of paper-cut art using a template (and some careful work with a craft knife) and pop it inside for a beautiful winter effect.

2. Wood slice place cards

If you’re hosting a large dinner for the Holidays, you might want to use place cards to identify all of your guests – especially if not everyone is familiar with one another. We love the idea of wood place cards. Creating these are easy. Head to your local decor store to grab the number of wooden blocks for place settings you’ll need – or, if you have access to a fallen large branch in your back yard and can chop the branch into small pieces, you can create your own wood chips. Next spray paint your chips in gold, silver or white. Once dried, use a black marker to write the names of your guests on the wood chip. Voila!

3. Give your home some front door flair

It’s easy! Let visitors jingle all the way into your home. Find some big silver bells and festive ribbon at your local decor store and tie them together. The more ribbon, the better. Attach this to 3 or 4 doors in your home.

4. Traditional wreath – with a twist.

We love traditional wreaths, but we love them even more when they feature a modern twist. With a bit of spray paint, you can transform a wreath into something befitting a winter wonderland. Grab a can of spray paint from your local decor store in frosted white, silver or gold, and spray away.

5. DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are oh so popular with children, but why can’t you use them for the adults in your family, too? Count down the days until December 25 with little paper envelopes, ideally sized to hold all sorts of surprises: from candy and tickets to tiny toys and little notes. We love the idea of using rubber stamps to ink the dates on the envelopes. You can also embellish these by adding tags, string and clip art. Then, simply pin the envelopes on a pretty corkboard to complete the look.

6. Pinecone ornaments

The easiest DIY, but one of the most appealing, are pinecone ornaments. If you have access to a backyard or park with pinecones that have dropped over the last week, grab a 5-10 and bring them home. Ensure they’ve dried, and spray-paint white, silver or cold on the pinecones. They really pop against evergreen boughs.

7. Festive centerpiece

We love the idea of festive centerpieces, and this one is easy. If you have access to an extra long tree limb in your backyard or park (make sure it’s already fallen!) bring this into your home. It’s entirely up to you if you spray paint the limb – we think the centerpiece looks great either way. Next, knot lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of a number of hooks. You’ve immediately made your table feel more quaint and intimate.

9. Festive flair on your stems

Can you tell we love ribbon? For this DIY, use leftover ribbon to tie around the stems of your Champagne flutes or wineglasses before dinner and during cocktail hour for an extra bit of festivity. The best part about this DIY project is that  by choosing a different color for every glass, you will help guests keep track of their drinks. It’s a win/win.

10. Wood Slice Ornaments

Still have some wood slices left from your place cards? Consider using these as ornaments. All you need to do is paint a simple design (a tree or star) or word (noel or joy) on the wood with white craft paint, and drill a hole for hanging. This addition gives your tree a rustic, yet sophisticated look.

With these 10 DIY decor ideas, we’re certain you’ll be ready for the Holiday Season. After spending time with family and friends, and partaking in a meal to celebrate the Holidays, your home will shine with such beautiful, festive decor.

Images: CountryLiving.com, Houzz and RealSimple.com

4 Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we’re getting so excited about all of the potential your home has to offer for decor and DIY opportunities for the Holidays. From table settings to floral arrangements, we encourage you and your family to work together and prepare your home for celebration during this joyous time of the year.

To prepare for Thanksgiving, below are 4 decor ideas you can work on now as a family to prepare your home.

Create a message board

Consider this unique idea as your guests arrive. Image source: www.midwestliving.com

This is one of our favorite additions to a home during Thanksgiving. As family or guests arrive for your delicious dinner, have them write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf or note and pin it to a board or frame you have constructed. Get creative and cut paper leaves from old books or scrapbooks. We encourage you to find a safe place in your home and store this away for the year, and re-visit your notes the following year. Have your words of thanks changed, or have they remained the same?

DIY Centerpieces

Get creative with your centerpieces. We love using dried floral and pine cones to bring the outdoors, inside. For accompanying table additions, use re-purposed candle-holders and display small pumpkins. You can find such candle-holders at the antique store or thrift store, and spray paint with an acrylic color to align with your table items and achieve a unified look.

Rustic Candles

We love rustic candles. For an easy, handmade candle holder, we love the look of hot-glued ears of dried Indian corn around a candle, with wrapped twine around the base. You can display this candle on your dining room table, side table or kitchen counter. Exchange the Indian corn for pine cones, if this is an easier addition.

Fall Leaf Wreathes

There is no better welcome than that of a gorgeous, fall-inspired wreath on your door. Welcome guests with an easy-to-make leaf wreath by using items you can find in your very backyard. Using small scissors (be safe!), cut slits in the centers of fresh leaves or pliable dried ones from a crafts store. String the leaves onto a wire wreath form until it is full.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


6 Easy Ways to Enhance Any Room

With the Fall nearly in full swing, we’re already dreaming of what’s ahead for 2016. Although there are plenty of trends to bring into your home now, sometimes you simply don’t have the time for an entire home makeover.

That’s why we’ve compiled 6 easy ways you can enhance any room as we enter the new year.

Are you ready to implement these tips and tricks in your home?

1. Think accessories (bookshelves are our favorite).

Reading is an essential part of the lives of many of our clients, so we often recommend this feature for small, but meaningful home improvements. Think about accessories, such as bookshelves, that can be added to any room. If you’re updating your living room, consider placing a comfortable reading chair to accompany this area. Not only will your room showcase your fascination, it is also a great conversation starter.

2. Fresh coats of paint.

If you have a handy arm, updating feature walls – or even your entire room – can be done with simply your time and energy. We love fresh coats of paint to go along with the seasons, as long as you’re sticking with similar palettes. For example, if your room currently features a grey or blue tone, stay in the same color palette. Your furniture and accessories will thank you.

3. Pops of style and trend.

We like to think of living areas as wardrobes. You can fill it with new colors and accessories each and every season (within reason). For this upcoming season, identify a few patterns of colors that make your room look inviting and exuberant. For example, consider integrating some animal prints in your pillows or throws, or add a metallic side table in place of your current, traditional feature.

4. Wall quotes that have meaning.

Depending on the room, we love wall quotes. Especially in a home office, wall quotes truly showcase your personality. Keep yourself and your guests inspired when they walk into your home.

5. Add a piece of art.

In a perfect world, your home should look as spacious as possible – but we’re not all blessed with large foyers and high ceilings. To help make a small room feel large, you’ll want to include something that draws the eyes upward. That’s where art comes in. The placement of a unique piece of art can create a dynamic look that balances your room and scale. Remember – it doesn’t have to be large. It simply needs to pull your colors, textures and patterns together.

6. Shop for a new rug.

For a room with hardwood throughout, adding a new rug can work wonders to update a room. Just like we recommend with paint colors, remember that your rug should stay within similar color palettes as this will help avoid adding any other changes to your room. Consider shopping for a vintage rug at your local antique shop.

Remember – updating your home for the New Year doesn’t need to be costly. With simple tips and tricks for small changes you can make now, your home can feel fresh and new for 2016.



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